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Super hot couple, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, have at long last got married in a secretive service ... we were DYING to see the pics ... what's more, we absolutely weren't frustrated with the staggering dress and the styling of Jessica Biel's hair.

A few points of interest were spilled about the £4million beat mystery wedding, which occurred in Italy as of late, yet pics of the upbeat couple on their lace closure   enormous day were being kept under wraps as a result of a magazine bargain yet these have now been imparted to the world. The couple had their function on a peak in Italy ... how sentimental?! what's more, we need to concede that they both looked mind boggling. We have butterflies!
Katies hair was styled with a lot of volume and tumbling waves for the honors and this must be our most loved VIP hairdo from the honors service.  Her hair lace closure  looked super thick and extravagant and brimming with surface at the honors. In addition to the fact that we are adoring the styling of Katie's hair, we're cherishing the two tone shade she's shaking as well! Certainly really like this dazzling woman

Alesha Dixon likewise selected to shake a down accomplish for the night. With a lot of volume and cutesy twists Alesha's hair  lace closure   stood out consummately from her shirt and pant combo and we're cherishing how she joined her monochrome outfit with a fly of shading as her lips and shoes! A young lady after our own hearts on the off chance that we do say as much!

We've been cherishing Jessica Biel's hair as of late so we are SO eager to perceive how it was styled on the huge day. As the wedding drew nearer, Jessica's was worn lace closure   with a full, delicate periphery and her locks are right now a sultry dim dark colored shade. Simply dazzling. Jessica Biel's hair looks ah-mazing when it's styled up ... ideal for the sentimental Italian setting.

What are your musings on Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at last getting married? It is safe to say that you are an aficionado of Jessica Biel's hair right now? Let us know underneath or drop us a tweet.

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